We are purveyors and stylists of mid-century design.

“Our design is successful when the solution fulfils your needs and desires. The right light, the best shape, the most suitable colour. Then, above everything else, how it makes you feel because it is this feeling that is priceless…”.

If in your life, you can continue to share a glass of wine with family and friends, accompanied by the best music, enjoy and admire design, then life just gets better and better. For we believe it’s not just aesthetic that transforms a space, it’s how you engage with the objects and its environment. And this, to us, is clever design. Because this design thinking will endure.

Check out the Portfolio page to know more about our work.

So, we buy beautiful objects with considerable love for considered spaces. And, it brings us genuine pleasure when you love them too.

So, if you find a piece you like, buy it. If you’re looking for guidance, just ask. We’ll even come and visit you personally.

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