Simply put – we find unique things to sell to you


Over the last few years we have made connections with people all over the world who share our vision, They are our eyes and ears on the streets and in the back lots sourcing products for us and for you!

Take a look at some the things we’ve picked up along the way.


Locating objects of unique interest and undeniable beauty takes time. It is not simply a matter of acquired taste or an ability to purchase the fashionable – it mostly takes time, patience, deep consideration and hard work.

We believe in the aesthetic. We believe in a sensitivity of design – that lyrical ability to allow objects to breath in their holistic environment, in their own space and as the light changes.

We believe “form follows function”, but we also believe, without function, form is useless.

A single object can transform an entire room, why not take a look at some of interesting finds…

Design with flair, colour and surprises

Designers and expert communicators and obsessive travellers for more than 20 years, Mr and Mrs Rice have worked for and with some of the biggest organisations around the world including Disney, Subaru, British Airways, P&G and Virgin.

Now we’re using our talents for good and lending a hand to help make some smaller things and spaces more pleasing to the eye. This means more beautiful things introduced in more surprising ways designed to bring a smile to your face.

At Mr & Mrs Rice, we create curiosity for you and your customers on your special occasion or at your significant event. Surprise yourself. email

Mrs Rice


“It isn’t what I do, but how I do it. It isn’t what I say but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.”- Mae West

As described Mr Rice:

Mrs Rice has an uncanny ability to select and place the finest objects in the most unexpected ways, she is the self described Queen of tetris.

By the time we met, she had travelled the world as a fashion designer, a performer, actress and singer. When we first moved our stuff into the same place, the most interesting objects adorned our home, from Arabic mosaics, to hand cut Kimono screens and Japanese bubblegum cards. I loved the touch and the look of everything she had collected.

Mr Rice


“When you see the right thing to do, you’d better do it.”- Paul Newman

As described Mrs Rice:

He’s a force of nature, constantly constructing new ideas and concepts. When he describes his idea’s, they are everything you never knew you wanted, and suddenly can’t live without it.

When we met, he came attached with so many large pieces – everything from Eames to B&B Italia, even a large bright green vintage food chest and a one tonne safe from Flinders Street Station. He designs with so many surprising combinations, especially with colour, but always in the most magnificent palette combinations.

We salvage authentic treasures. We unearth the lost and forgotten. We track down hidden secrets. We bring your aesthetic to life with the wonder of endless possibilities…

Tantalising Objects and affordable Design Services

Sourced and crafted by genuine, bona fide, seasoned designers with more than 20 years real life, commercial, in the field, experience.

Changing the world. One beautiful object at a time.


We travel the world, Hunt the markets, Gather the goods so you don’t have to. With over 20years experience Mr & Mrs Rice really can find anything. (really Mrs Rice tracked down some polly waffles last week!)

Mixed media in modern design

Imagine our design philosophy as your perfect mix tape. Specially dubbed, lovingly crafted, containing only the stuff you love and adore. Well, that’s what we want for you. So, perhaps it’s time to blow the cobwebs off your old boom-box tweeters and get mixing. Something old, something new, something borrowed something PMS blue – that’s how we roll… How about you?

Design concoctions designed to inspire. Brief us.

Not all design rules are meant to be broken. But, quite a few are. So, why don’t we get your vision together with our enquiring minds and have a party? Simply send us a briefing sheet? Especially, if that thingamy by that designer you can’t remember has been eluding you for years, and you don’t see it on our site, brief us. (Go on, you know you want to.)


ICON restaurant

The Store

Our bespoke objects will surprise & delight. The things we collect are pretty hard to find, our rule is simple if we don’t like it, we assume you wont either.(And baby do we have the good stuff with your name on it)

ICON keys

We’ve got the keys to the pool room.

Like any great showman, we have a few tricks left up our sleeve. So, if you can’t find what you want, email us and we’ll grab the keys and go rummage through the deepest darkest sections of our attic to see what we can dig up. If we don’t come up trumps, we’ll even hang on to your requirements as a rolling brief and stay on the look out for you.

ICON idea

Need inspiration?

Our bespoke objects will surprise and delight. We’ve got art, typewriters, blocks, safes, and everything you can imagine between Eames and Stark. Eeeeek! But usually, just one. Make sure you check out our BLOG pages as we are constantly stumbling across the most amazing things.

ICON delivery

Delivered to your door Australia wide (even O/S too)

We ship via Australia Post, so, when you place your objects in our shopping cart, the system automatically calculates the cost of delivery to your door, or office, or kayak (actually, that’s not true about the kayak – we just like kayaks, that’s all).

ICON - coffee

We drink a lot of coffee

This means we’re on the job most days of the week. So, you should have an answer to what you need to know the very next day you ask. If you don’t, someone switched off the internet… and this won’t be our fault, so, please be a little patient until it gets going again.

ICON - social

We are Social!

You can find us on Pinterest , Instagram and Facebook (you will even find our outlet store there too). So come on be social with as and tell your friends!