The Billycart – The original and only ‘Hudson Flyer’


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The original and the Best “Hudson Flyer” Billycart by Billycart Kids. Yours to assemble. Ready to make from easy to follow instructions – can be fun for big too…

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OUR HERO – The Hudson Flyer

Made with hand-tools by hand

Here ‘tis – our very own living and breathing hero. After years of tinkering in the shed, the Hudson Flyer comes unique to you. No two Flyers are the same because each piece of wood is sourced from renewable Australian forests and then hand crafted to shape. Tested and quality checked by a mastercartsman, The Hudson Flyer arrives in a flat pack kit ready for you to assemble.

The Hudson Flyer includes all wooden parts including original Hudson Flyer decaled frame, chassis components, dowels, axels, bright red wheels, steering rope, bright red nuts, bolts and washers and instruction for assembly.

The billycart is back

Today, from our original billycart plan, we hand drill, route and hand paint each piece to make every billycart unique. That means, your original Hudson Flyer billycart is a fair dinkum original, obviously hand crafted with love and one of a kind. All you need is a little bit of time (and a spot of glue) to take the pleasure in putting it together.

Then, you’ll have that wonderful sense of pride taking your billycart to the park and knowing you were the one who built it – go on, admit it, you’ll have fun telling your friends.

What else do I need to buy?

We do not take the risk of including glue within your kit (a leaky glue pot would be disastrous). So, you will need to supply a proper wood glue yourself. We recommend white PVA glue and that you allow 24 hours drying time after construction – clamping will assist with long term strength of your Hudson Flyer.  You will also need a shifting spanner to tighten nuts and bolts (apologies we couldn’t include one, but we were determined to keep our price affordable to everyone).

How long does The Hudson Flyer take to build?

The fun really starts when you come together with the special person you are building the cart for. Assembly usually takes between two and three hours (we recommend three to allow enough time for a cuppa together). Then, patiently wait for the glue to dry. Don’t rush this part. Because, when you get into the outdoors together, well, you’ll have plenty of time ahead for the good times to roll on and on and on.

What is The Hudson Flyer made from?

The answer is quality at every turn. The Hudson flyer is hand made with love and care. Each bolt is powder-coated bright red. The wood we use is pine sourced from renewable Australian forests. The steering rope is hand knotted and tied. And we like to think we’ve got a pretty unique and special product. But that’s just the beginning. It’s your loving care that completes the creation and your fun riding it that brings The Hudson flyer to life.

Additional information

Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 105 x 50 x 20 cm
Dimensions (finished cart size)

700 wide x 330 deep x 1120 long